What type of golf shoes would you recommend?

Golf is a strange dance of stability and explosive movements, the perfect balance of which shows you satisfying success on the course. And in this pirouette, there has to be one most trustworthy companion: your golf shoes.  We scoured the market for the best golf shoes for walking and came up with a shining piece of engineering. You can refer to the buying guide about golf shoes at GOLFDIGEST , UBERGOLF, GOLF-MONTHLY etc… Not only does it keep you standing upright, it pushes your game forward by responding smoothly to your feet. The best all-around golf shoes we suggest are the:

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Pro 2 Golf Shoe

The Skechers Go Golf Pro 2 are exceptionally comfortable and fast, budget golf shoes. These are the most advanced shoes in Skechers lineup, endorsed by the Olympic Bronze Medalist, Matt Kuchar. A lot of technologies go under the hood to make it the flag-bearing piece of Skechers’ acumen. These are spiked shoes which lend you maximum hold on your ground, a comforting feeling in the messy situations of golf. The outstanding dynamics come from a bunch of technical doodads we examined below.

Highlight Features of Skechers Go Golf Pro 2

Sole: The Skechers Go Golf Pro 2 golf shoes feature a low profile sole compared to the shoes we have seen till now. The heel and the front foot are almost at level.  The heel drop is only 19mm. With the spikes on, this shape is much more comfortable. It doesn’t make the golfer feel ungainly on the spikes.

Midsole: The Pro2 is equipped with the 5GEN foam cushion. This is a lightweight and responsive platform for your feet that drives the most comfortable shoes on the market today. The shock-absorbing midsole takes the impact from walking on undulating golf course terrain. This prevents fatigue in the sole though 2.5-3 hour rounds.

Insole: The Goga Mat removable insole is meant to simulate the comfort of a yoga mat.  There’s extra support at the sole which makes extended walking over multiple rounds no hurdle to your game.

Outsole: The outsole of Go Golf Pro 2 has a diamond-design traction plate which gives you grip along the non-spiked surface.  This is critical when you walk or take a twist for the shot. This pattern ensures that the burden of grip doesn’t fall on the muscles of your feet.

Cleats: The underside of the sole of these golf shoes have 9 replaceable cleats. These are soft spikes that make contact with the ground. The outsole does not touch the surface because of these spikes. The cleats don’t get uncommonly clogged up with grass. They can be easily cleaned and swapped for other spikes.

Upper: The uppers of these Skechers golf shoes are made of soft leather. It aligns itself with the curves of your feet quickly. These don’t have a break/in period. They are unpack-and-play kind of shoes.   The shaping of the uppers takes into account the slight widening of feet at the toe joints. It forms a spacious but secure fit.

Waterproofing: The uppers are coated with H2GO shield waterproof protection. Skechers stands behind this shield with a 2-year warranty. We found this feature profoundly useful in dewy morning grass and during winter golf. It was one less thing to worry about when we played on wet courses. The uppers have perforations to let them breathe in spite of the waterproof coating.

Other Features: The Go Golf Pro 2 golf shoes have a padded tongue that absorbs the upward movement of the feet. It also keeps the dust and debris out. The ankle side of the shoes has extra support to keep your ankle from common injuries like twisting. At 14.85 ounce per shoe at size 9, these are pretty lightweight. This also contributes to why these are touted as the most comfortable golf shoes on the market today.

Skechers beats the slightly more expensive Under Armor Spieth One in terms of comfort. These are available in black, grey and white colors. The outer design is pretty plain. It keeps the player focused on the ball rather than her/his shoes. But we do wish there was a hint of flash to the design.

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