What Should You Wear When Kayaking?

Kayaking is a wonderful activity, but what to wear when kayaking ought to make the difference between a wonderful journey and a preventing one.

The selection of the proper kayak wear is not just for the comfort, it also becomes a big matter when you get wet and you might have the hypothermia.

Several things impacts on the choice of what one needs to take the suit on a kayaking journey. Keep on reading and you will know how to gear up your outfits.

Check the water temperature first

Before knowing what to wear kayaking, you should prepare for overturning in cold water even if the air temperatures are mild.

Dangerous situations can happen from immediate lung, heart shocks to drowning. Some people also have the hypothermia symptom as well.

Please keep in mind that you should not put on a wetsuit after capsizing because it is not necessary to do that.

A dry suit or a wetsuit is vital for all but the mildest conditions should be wear one only when the water temperatures are about 600F or cooler.

If the water temperature is over 600F, you will need to take into account the air temperature. At that time, you still ought to wear the dry suit or the wetsuit if the water temperature is less than 1200F.

Choose the right fabrics for clothes

The requirements of clothing for kayaking are similar to other outdoor activities such as the comfort, the durability, and the adaptability. Moreover, these clothes protect you from the outside weather easily. Here are a few major fabrics in the suitable clothes that you may come across.

Quick-drying fabrics

Polyester and Nylon materials in these fabrics do not touch your skin so that you feel comfortable to move and kayak.

Some persons might also choose wool dries that are also a great selection. Do not take the clothes that have cotton in all layers as it often soaks up water easily.

Corrosion-resistant fabrics

To withstand the harsh conditions while kayaking, you ought to wear the clothes with solid fabrics.

Sun preventing

As kayaking is an outdoor activity, you absolutely have to face many outside influences, and the UV rays are one of the most popular causes.

These rays easily destroy your skin and increase the aging skin. For these reasons, you should choose clothes with UPF rated fabrics and do not miss out your sunscreen.

Select wetsuits and dry suits


Wetsuits are tailored to protect all outside corrosions, keep your body stay warm in cold weather. These also support you with ability in the case of overturning. In general, wetsuits have two major categories – winter wetsuits and summer wetsuits.

Both suits also have a thin coating of water between the inside coating and skin. The certain difference between these two suits is that winter wetsuits have a neoprene layer (from 3 to 6mm) while summer wetsuits also have a thickness coating (between 2 and 3 mm). Thus, you should try them on before buying to be sure you do not have any flexibility issues.

Dry suits

You feel uncomfortable when water touches your skin and you sometimes are painful as well under the water. Therefore, you should wear dry suits to keep water out of your skin. These suits often created from waterproof which prevents water and gets them outstanding insulators in cold condition.

You sometimes find out hybrids that are available on the market. These are special types of dry suits which have protective rubber layer and waterproofing element. Thanks to these materials, you feel comfortable in cold weather as well as in a deep sea.


Enjoying kayaking is a good idea for your next vacation plan, but do not forget to prepare your outfits carefully. When you have prepared suitable suits, you should also bring some necessary accessories such as gloves, sunglasses, hats, and shoes. Moreover, you enable to bring lots of water bottles because your body probably dehydrates while kayaking.

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