Some Golf Rules For You to Know How to Use a Distance Finder

The rule 14-3 shows the position of the Golf Association of The USA, which concerns to the distance finders. It is known as a breach of fourteen-three for golfers to use equipment or artificial device for  ” the measuring and gauging distance or conditions affecting his play”. The confusion happens from the words ” conditions or distance”  and in 2016 the United States Golf Association explain clearly fourteen-three to show whether the rangefinders or another distance finder obey the rules of USG.A. Below are the Golf Rangefinder Rules you should keep in mind.

Local Rules

The local rules may be carried out by the USGA states in order that they are able to make the device of finding distance become legal. However, the distance finding devices are different from the ones that determine other conditions affecting play, including direction, the terrain slopes, or speed. It is a good idea for you to use a turning score for the disable people when you apply the device of finding distance during a big circle.

The Reasons

The USGA chose the distance finders to be legalized in Why did not they decide other assistant devices local that play a role in determining all of the conditions.? According to the senior technical director of USGA, Dick Rugge in 2016, he explained that there is a variety of form of distance information for players. For example, you can see that metal plates and stakes on the course tell us the yardage books and the distance, which does not only contain the distance to green but also to a lot of key locations like bunkers and hazards. On the other hand, golfers do not have right to access to some elements such as speed and wind direction. That is the reason why there are some devices measuring other conditions, not distance is never permitted. In addition, the USGA also admit that the finders are able to speed up the play’s pace if you want.

Professional Tours

You should know the fact that the rangefinders such as GPS devices and laser finders are allowed to you to carry out the pro tours but they are not competitive. In the event, you do not know how to use them, it is a good idea to use the yardage books since they consist of exact measurements of the distances of different positions on every hole. You also should be aware that the yardage books are created by professional organizations and they are added more info by caddies. Hence, you can feel comfortable to use them. What is more, the caddies often go jogging during the course and make the high-quality yardage books. Of course, they are given the permit to apply distance finder for doing this task.

Some Considerations

In conclusion, the explanation of the United States Golf Association of the rule fourteen-three enables the golfers to share the distance finding device with their co-players. Thus, all the members of your group are able to use the only device as long as the owner of the device agrees. When you are going to buy a kind of the distance finders, do not forget to check carefully in order that you can see whether the machine can measure anything apart from the distance or not. Besides, if you see anything unsuitable for your playing, you should get rid of it even though you can use the distance finding devices. You should think carefully and get some useful advice from your friends or reliable websites before you make up your mind.


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