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Album Review: Aran Buzzas "3 7 77"

Written by JahshieP on . Posted in Articles - Music

Aran Buzzas is a kind man. A very appreciative artist. If you meet him, he will become your friend pretty quickly. He performed pretty early on at MoonRunners Music Festival in April. He had no problem getting the crowds attention right away, and left the room packed for the duration of his set. His lyrics are quirky, fun, true, and at times, sad. His voice is one that may take some getting used to. Not a straight forward country voice by any means, and it may be off putting to some at first, but once you listen to his recordings a few times, you will begin to enjoy it.

"3 7 77" is Aran's debut full length. I immediately thought it was his birthday, but I was wrong. It has to do with a Montana folklore according to Aran. I didn't bother to look up the meaning up, sorry. He gathered a quality group on musicians to back him up for this release, and the music shines throughout the entire album.

The songs are long, with all but two under the four minute mark. But, Aran is a story teller and needs that time to complete each chapter. The songs never seem to drag, and the words keep your interest throughout.

"The Weather Inside" opens the disc with Aran's signature funny/a bit sad tone. A song about a man who drinks too much and loses track of time while at the bar while his woman was sleeping alone at home. "The thunder and lighting beats the weather inside" is the chorus and an incredible line all around. All of us have been there, drinking too much, too late, only to come home to an angry partner. Aran nails this situation.

From there, Aran takes us on many roads, including cheating (Another Man's Woman), Lost love (Biggest Fool), and drinking (Back for my Whiskey).

"The Night I Saw Willie Played" is a very catchy song that reminds me of Roger Alan Wade's "The First Time I Saw Waylon", only this one is about Willie of course. Basically a recap of Aran's experience at a Willie Nelson show. It is in depth, and again, fun.

"Thirteen Days to Payday" may be the disc's highlight. Of course, it is about being broke. We have all been there, living paycheck to paycheck. It can relate to anybody out there that lives this life. The lyrics are simple, but very prominent. Kudos to Aran for a great song here.

Aran dips into an Irish traditional song with "Whiskey in a Jar". Certainly his own take. Not many country artists can pull off an Irish Trad, but Aran does it with ease. Another highlight of the disc.

"Back for my Whiskey" quickly follows, and is another highlight. A song about a wife who ends up and kicking the narrator out. "She tried to rob me, and take whats mine. And, now she's wasted so much of my time. I didn't want to see her face, I knew it would be risky, but I still went back for my whiskey". An insane thought that after a woman throws you out, is that all you care about is the whiskey. Again, sad, but mainly fun and real as fuck!

"None Compares" is the discs shortest number. An actual heartfelt ballad. A good tune with backup vocals by Britt Arnesen.

"Colleen" ends the album on a high note. Definitely, the most "non-country" song on the album, but more of an Irish themed tune. I really enjoy this one as well.

Overall, "3 7 77" is a great album that deserves some attention. Aran is a hard working musician from Montana that does as much as he can to get his music heard. This album will be a big first step in getting out to a bigger crowd!

Focus tracks: "The Weather Inside", "Thirteen Days to Payday", and "Back for my Whiskey"

Aran Buzzas' "3 7 77" can be purchased HERE

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